Why Most People Failed In Their Blogging Career?

Top 5 Reason For Failure In Blogging Career

Why most people failed in their blogging careers
There are many bloggers who left out their blogging career as they failed to earn any income from it. In the mean time, many bloggers earn tones of money through blogging. Could you say why there is such a differences? Below are five main points why most people failed in their blogging career:

1.Lack Of Hard Work

Failed to work hard means failed to earn. This is one of the most common case that most bloggers face in their blogging career. As said, "Hard work is the Pillar of Success", in order to be success and earn like other successful bloggers, one has to work hard.

2. Lack Of Proper Planning

Many people start their blogging just because they heard that they could earn from blogging. In the meantime, they failed to learn that blogging needs proper planning. Just posting and publishing thousands of motley articles is not the key to earn. So, in order to start earning, plan properly for your blog. Pick a niche topic that you really are interested in, fill with niche pages and publish them smart. The blog must be as convincing and helpful for others.

3. Lack Of Patience

Most new bloggers failed in their blogging career because they failed to understand that blogging is a passive income. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. If it has been the world will be filled with blogs. It needs time to earn. In order to earn, it needs traffic to the blog. Again, in order to get traffic to the blog, it needs hardworks and effort. So, have patience and you will surely earn.

4. Lack Of Passion

Lack of passion is one of the most important point why most bloggers failed. Most people start their blog without passion for blogging, but because of money. Passion is a key element to successful blogging. So, you have to make sure you are blogging about your passion.

5. Lack Of Monetizing

Monetizing your blog with other affiliate sites are one of your source of making money online. In the meantime, most newbie bloggers failed to monetize their blog.

Some of the best affiliate networks for newbie bloggers are –
  1. Infolinks
  2. Chitika
  3. Clicksense
  4. Commission Junction (cj)
  5. PopAds
  6. Peerfly
  7. RevenueHits, etc.
I highly recommend you to join these networks if you haven't tried.

The above mentioned ads networks have referral programs where you can do refer and earn.

Also, Infolinks, ChitikaPopAdsPeerfly and RevenueHits are one of the best CPM networks ever for newbies.

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