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Learn English Grammar, Make Money Online, All Affiliate Site

Let's Learn English Grammar

English is a difficult language to learn, and the rule of Formal and Applied Grammar and Usage which govern it are equally difficult for the learner to understand and apply correctly. This is more so because there are many exceptions to most of the rules.

The learner would therefore need not only an explication of the rules but also a large number of illustrative examples and exercises for practice. This point has been kept in mind all through the course of preparing of this site. The site has, therefore, turned out to be not only a complete hand book of Grammar, but also a comprehensive desk-book for practice.

The site is designed to be all-comprehensive in its range and scope. It has 45 Chapters which, as the contents would show, cover practically all aspects of Applied Grammar, Usage, Word-Formation, Comprehension, and Composition. It represents a synthesis of a traditional and structural methods to teach the learner how to read, write and speak English correctly, idiomatically and fluently. While dealing with the Grammatical and structural problems under various chapters, special attention has been paid to the intricate and ticklish problems which even the advanced students have to face. These problems relate particularly to the correct use of Syntax, Articles, Prepositions, Auxiliaries, Non-finite Verbs, Position of Adverbs, Tense and Time sense, and Phrasal expressions. 

It is confidently hoped that this site would serve as a complete and practical hand book and manual of English Grammar, Usage and comprehension to the candidates preparing for the various university and competitive examinations.

Let's learn English Grammar

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Learn English Grammar, Make Money Online, All Affiliate Site

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