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How to drive huge traffic to a blog, social media optimization, search engine optimization

Today let's learn blog optimization technique –

Many people complain about why they couldn't get traffic to their blogs. Yes, the same thing happen to me, when I just started this blog. I think i better tell you from my own experiences.

I started blogging since 2009, when i was a college student. I created this blog and by the time I just wrote news and other articles that I was interested in. I wrote, I checked  and I published them one by one. At last all my posts and  pages around 20 posts in total. After a week or more i checked my blog and found out that only 3 views were there in my stat. I was , by the time wondering a lot why I couldn't get traffic like other bloggers? After that I made many researches and studied through other blogs and websites and then I began to master step by step.

Here are the steps that I followed in order to drive traffic to my blog, and luckily it really works well. I made another blog and applied the same steps and it too works very good. If you want you too could follow the following steps.

#1 Blog Optimization Technique - Quality of Post

The most important thing to be remembered by bloggers regarding their blogs are the quality of their post. What I mean to say is that the articles have to be of a good quality and  are attractive and helpful for the readers. Copying contents from other blogs posts are really hated by Google. So, we must produce our own contents.

#2 Blog Optimization Techniques - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paying attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must so that the blog rank gets higher in search engine. The higher the rank in search engine, the higher traffic the blog will get. Adding a blog to Google Search Console and working with it will result in getting traffic to your blog.

#3 Blog Optimization Techniques - Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Some says Social Media Optimization, while others say Search Market Optimization. However, let's just think as the same. Social Media, these days have become the greatest tool for  improving your site’s organic search results if used effectively. Adding all social media button in the side bar and at the footer of your blog and sharing can effectively result in driving much traffic to your blog.

#4 Blog Optimization Techniques - Embedding Media with Cloudup

Download links are great, but embedding and publishing an actual document into a post or page may be much more valuable to you and your readers. To use this functionality on, Cloudup is another product which allows users to store and share files instantly. users are able to embed many different types of media from Cloudup.

#5 Blog Optimization Techniques -Commenting

Visiting to others blog and leaving a comment  can also help to drive huge traffic to a blog. Create backlinks in your comments so that it refers to your blog. But don't spam. Think of a good comments first and then leave on their blogs so that the blogs owners also gets impression from their visitors. Leaving a spam comment will result in killing your blog only.

#6 Blog Optimization Techniques - Buy traffic

Making a little expenses for your blog is also important. Buy traffic from other websites with small amount and in return they will pay you with much traffic to your blog.
Some of the good sites to buy traffic are –
  1. Revenuehits
  2. PopAds
What you have to do is join their sites with free of cost. After approval, login as an advertiser, pay some amount as an advertising fee, and in return they will pay you with huge amount of traffic to your blog. This is one of the best way to earn traffic to your blog. The above two sites I have mentioned also provide publishers account. Once you have done joining to their site, you can also start monetizing your blog from them by publishing their ads to your blog.

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