English Grammar There are four (4) kinds of Sentences in English Grammar. They are as follows:-
  • Assertive or Declarative Sentence:

    A sentence that make a statement or assertion is called an Assertive or Declarative Sentence. As – India ia a great country; He is a noble man.
  • Interrogative Sentence:

    A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative Sentence. As – What is your name?; Is he a good man?
  • Imperative Sentence:

    A sentence that expresses a command, a request or an entreaty is called an Imperative Sentence. As – Be quite; Go away from here; Forgive us.
  • Exclamatory Sentence:

    A sentence that expresses a sudden feeling of pleasure, sorrow, anger or surprise is called an Exclamatory Sentence. As – Alas! I am ruined; What a terrible shock it was!; How shameful!