Blog Meaning And Benefits Of Creating A Blog

Blog Meaning And Benefits

There are countless bloggers these days who want and tried their level best to be professional bloggers. In the meantime, there are many people who don't really know blog meaning and benefits of creating a blog.

There are also so many questions that I received, asking me blog meaning and benefits of creating a blog, and this is what compelled me greatly to write this article and post it on my blog so that there might be at least some who could get benefit from it. If you are new to what actually is blogging and wants to know curiously, I'm confident that you too would have the same questions within you.

Blog meaning and benefits. All affiliate site

The way I used to explain blog meaning is – A Blog is a platform where people share their ideas and thoughts, wherein return they received incomes from it by monetizing their blog by promoting affiliate networks and their products. It can also be said as the best part of the work from home to get passive income.

Let us explain in more detail.

Blog Meaning –

Blogging means sharing any kinds of information in a form of article, audio, and video using a blog, where a blog is a short form of weblog. There are two different platforms that are most commonly used by bloggers. They are – Blogger Blogspot and Wordpress. The people who write and share articles, audios, and videos in blog are called Bloggers.

Benefits of Blogging

There are tones of bloggers who have chosen to blog as their professions and career instead of working in private companied for incomes. Yes, there were many who even left their jobs and choose to blog for their lifetime careers. In India, we have such prominent bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Shivya Nath, and many others.

When you open up your Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer or any of web browsers to search for certain things you want to know, you entered keywords in the search box and click search on it, search engine gives you many results. Now, if you click at any of the topics you want, it will take you to a blog or a website. What I want to say is, some of the website or blog you are landing on might be of private or personal, while others might be of government or business. This means, websites or blogs are used for personal (owned by individuals, e.g., the blog that you are on it now –, for business purposes like,,, etc., and government like,, etc. With much advanced in information technology today, numbers of personal websites or blogs also came into existence. Like, I could have my own personal blog where you could get all pieces of information about blogging and blogging tutorial. So, when we talk about the benefits of blogging, apart from blogging passion, blogging is for making money. It is the best work from home to earn passive income.

About ten or fifteen years ago, having a  blog by an individual wasn't easy at all. But now, it becomes the most popular in the field of technology. Many people have nowadays started creating their own personal blogs to make money. Yes, there are many ways that could be earned from a blog. Bloggers have been earning even six figures every month from their blogs! But how?? The question for newbies would be ‘how?’. The answer is, most bloggers monetize their blogs by selling their own digital products like ebooks, by selling physical products like books, fashions, etc, by affiliate marketing (learn how does affiliate marketing works?) and many other ways.

Where and how do I create a Blog?

As I have mentioned above, the easiest place to create a blog is either on Blogger Blogspot or Wordpress. Newbies most recommended platform is Blogger Blogspot because it is the platform where you don't need any special technical skills in blog operation. All you need is to be mastered in creating unique and useful contents for your blog.

Learn how to create a blog with Blogger Blogspot.

My second recommendation is Wordpress. If you are mastered with Blogger Blogspot and you think that Blogger Blogspot is not enough for you, Wordpress would be a good place for you. For professional bloggers, there are no blogging platforms that are better than Wordpress. Out of all websites and blogs on the internet, 30 percent, or maybe more, are created using Wordpress. Wordpress is the best place where you can create your own private and personal blog and have a passive income for a lifetime.

Which web hosting service to use?

Website or blog with web hosting is a must. Web hosting is a physical location of a blog or website. It is a service that makes your blog available to be seen or viewed by others on an internet.

Recently, I listed out the top five web hosting platforms of 2018 based on reviews made by others. Here are the lists.
  1. Bluehost
  2. WP Engine
  3. 1&1 Hosting
  4. Inmotion Hosting
  5. Siteground
The above web hostings are the most prominent and most used by popular bloggers and website on the internet. I too have been using Bluehost, and as far as I know, customer service is excellent. But, it doesn't mean the other four are to be put in the second preferred platforms. To know more about them read Top five web hosting platforms 2018.

How to monetize

This point would be the most important. I have said so many times that blogging needs passion. There are many bloggers who had left their blogging career due to many reasons. The most known reason is due to the lack of monetization. Apart from blogging as passion, one should know the process of monetization, how to make money from a blog.

For newbie bloggers, one should join affiliate networks to monetize a blog. Some of the very popular ads networks every newbie could join are –
  1. Chitika
  2. RevenueHits (immediate approval)
  3. PopAds
  4. Infolinks
  5. Amazon Affiliate
  6. Peerfly
These are only some of the popular ads networks I pointed out. Apart from these, there are many other affiliate programs which you can sign up to them. However, while signing up to affiliate networks, we need to be careful too, because there are many affiliate networks which are unsafe to join. 

One should do a careful study to every ads networks and other affiliate programs before joining to them. That can be done easily by reading reviews made by other experts and experienced user.

Signing up to the above networks could help you much more than you expect in monetization if paid good attention to them.

So, If you are clear about Blog meaning and benefits, your next work is to start implementing it. Don't waste your time thinking whether to do or not to. If you have a good writing skill, start doing it. Blogging might be yours.

I hope this article is useful. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us. You can also leave a comment below.

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