How To Get Google Live Chat Support For Site Errors

Google live chat support will surely help you with your site errors.

How to get google live chat support for site errors, all affiliate site

You might be a newbie blogger who has been trying to make money online; but, unfortunately, you are having site error. And thus, not knowing how to fix it! If YES is your answer, don't worry for that. I'm sure that this article is for you and it's going to help you. Yes it is, because you can now easily contact Google team for support and fix your site errors using Google live chat support

Here is my short story about what I have experienced, and how i fixed with the help of Google live chat support.

Some days back, I was trying to change my site domain name and I was working with that. Finally, I manage to change it. But after doing that, I again thought it won't be right changing my site as I have been gaining my site visitors day by day. So, I thought of changing it back to its previous domain name. So, I did it again. But after that, my site isn't working anymore!

I really got worried because I couldn't view it anymore. When I view, there was nothing, but only a text from Google that said “The site can't be reached...” I tried again and again because I couldn't believe and understand what was happening to my site; but the results are all same! Then I closed my browser and tried again using another browser, hoping that it would be OK. But what I found out was my site was having 404 error. I got really upset and really regretted for changing my site domain.

To recover back my site to normal, I visited google help forum and many other sites to get instructions so that I could fix my site error. I applied many instructions I got, but couldn't find my needs. I nearly punch my computer of anger, but I didn't because I applied my second thought 😀. I slept that night without fixing it.

The next day, I started working with the same for my site, and finally I did it!

The site that help me was Google only. Before I wasn't knowing that Google has email support and chat support that could help me. After much struggle only I have found out. And now my site is back to live again. The 404 error is gone now. Thanks to Google team for your great services and support.

Dear readers, if you have any error with your site or blog, visit Google only. They have 24 hours email and chat support. They will give you instructions step by step with chat or email, and finally your site would be back to live again before you know 😀.

Follow the following steps to get help from Google —

  • Go to Make sure you are signed in with your Google Account with which you create your site with.
  • Click the help button below the page, just after about and features.
  • Click the drop-down menu on the top left.
  • Click ‘Contact Us’ from the drop-down list.
  • Below the page you will find ‘Contact us’ again. Click that again.
  • Finally, you can choose how you would like to contact. There are four options available to contact. They are – Help articles, Email us, Chat with us and Request a call.
I was using ‘Chat with us’ because I thought it would be better for me to understand and get better instructions. However, that would be up to you.

So, how many of us have used Google Live Chat Support for site errors? If you haven't tried yet, try using it. You will surely get a better and faster guide and support than what you will get on google forum. It's all free of cost.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If it's working with you too, please leave a comment.

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