Tips And Tricks For Newbies To Avoid From Being Disqualified From Amazon Affiliate

I have written a post on How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program previously. I wrote this post again as it is very important for newbie Amazon Affiliates as they can be disqualified from the affiliate program for not being able to sell.

For every new Amazon Affiliate, it is very important to know that they can be disqualified from Amazon affiliates if he is unable to sell any products within 90 days from the date of registration as affiliate. Yes, for someone who is new to affiliate marketing could be difficult for him to sell products within a couple of months due to many other reasons. Below is a short story of what I did to avoid myself from being disqualified from Amazon affiliate member.

Learn from my experience

This might be somewhat funny for others, but I have to do as I was unable to sell and I was to get disqualified from it.

It's been 70 days since I join Amazon Affiliate and only one month left for me to sell. One day, while I was having a good time with my sister at home and we were discussing things with many topics. By the time, I asked her what thing she wished to have but couldn't find in the local market. She replied to me that she wanted to buy an Android phone, and she wasn't able to find it in the local market by that time as android phone was just launched some couple of months ago.

While we were chit-chatting about it, I was on my laptop, in Amazon Associates. By the time, I was browsing and finally landed on and found HTC android device. I show her quickly and she was really impressed. I explained to her how she could buy from Amazon and got sent to her address within seven days.

On the next day evening she told me that she wanted to buy. So, my luck came. I guide her throughout the process using her computer, and that evening she even bought other products like earphones and others using my affiliate links.

By that time, as I was new to affiliate marketing and blogging, and had been just started learning, I was unable to sell any products for two months. But as I got experienced day by day, I started selling many products.

One product from Amazon which I sold most is Anti Snoring Device.
Anti snoring device from amazon store
Anti Snoring Device

It isn't costly, but the demand was really high which makes me earn more than I expect. What I want to say is, apart from pestering your sisters, brothers, parents, and other relatives, try products selling which are simple and cheap but with high demand and in the market.

For best result in affiliate marketing, do marketing research first, then start promoting products which you found out to be good to promote, and that should be reachable to the right persons and audience. This will greatly help you and promote you as an affiliate marketer.

Lastly, hard work and perseverance is the main key to success in your career. So, work a bit harder and be smart at what you promote. Success will follow you behind.

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