Blogger Blogspot Beginners SEO Guide To Rank Higher In Search Engine

What could be the best Blogger Blogspot Beginners SEO guide?

Every blogger tries their level best to make blog visible to search engine by applying different techniques and methods. But, for new blogs, ranking on search engine is something that is really difficult if they are just a month or two from the date of publishing. In the meantime, there are many old blogs that couldn't be ranked high or are still lowest on search engine.
Beginners blogspot SEO guide

Have you ever browse typing a particular keywords like make blog visible to search engine, make blog rank higher on search engine, etc. in your browser, clicking next after next till the last page of search engine? Many people won't do that. But I did many times just to see which site or blog is the lowest and what could be the reasons for being the last in the search engine or won't even appear? I used to checked my own blog page by entering the keywords many times by the time I just started a blog, and I won't found them because the search engine won't even show them. There were some reasons why my pages didn't even appear. There were many very important things I missed out.

Firstly, only concentrating on a blog posts and pages was killing me. I wasted most my time on that. I wrote many contents and published them one by one week after week. In the meantime, I won't even have a single visitor in many days. Yes, this thing happens to most of us, especially newbie bloggers.

Visitors started flowing to my site only after I followed the following steps. Only writing and posting many contents was not enough. You might have many unique contents without visitors. So, apart from creating unique contents, we need visitors to our blog.

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Ok, let's get on to our main point.

Note :— This article is meant only for newbie blogspot bloggers.

There are certain rules that we need to follow and work with our blogs to get higher rank in the search engine.

Blog Settings For SEO

  • Click Settings, just below ‘Theme’, to start the work. See the screenshot I have pasted below.
  • After you have clicked Settings (just below Theme), you would be automatically on Basic. So, on Basic Setting, you will see Title on the top of the page. Click ‘edit’, and enter you preferred blog title. Below Title, you will find ‘Description’. Now, enter the description of your blog by clicking ‘edit’. Here, the description must be relevant to the Title. And finally, below Description, you will see ‘Privacy’ which is the most important in this point. And that is ‘Listed on Blogger. Visible to search engine’. Click ‘edit’. You will see two questions to be answered by checking the radio button. Check ‘Yes’ for your answer to both the questions. Then click ‘Save Changes’. Now, you are done with the Basic.
  • For the next step, Click ‘Search Preferences’. On top of the page under Meta Tags, click ‘edit’ to edit the Meta tags description. Check ‘Yes’ for the question ‘Enable Search Description?’. In the text area, enter your blog description, the niche description of your blog, not more than 150 characters. Then, click ‘Save Changes’ button. The importance of this is, when search engine shows your blog, this is what the search engine will show up for the description of your blog. So, it should be relevant to your blog title and URL of your blog. Think of a good description that would best match to your blog title. Irrelevant descriptions with title looks funny for the readers and visitors.

Blog Setting for SEO
  • Now, go to Custom robots.txt, it is just below 'google search console'. Enable the custom robots.txt content by choosing 'yes'. A text box will appear after enabling it. Enter your blog custom robots.txt file in the field, and click the ‘Save changes’ button. See the screenshot below – Blog setting for SEOIf you are not aware of your robots.txt file, copy the below text, change ‘yoursite’ to the name of your site, and paste it in the provided field. 

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

  • Now, click ‘edit’ to Custom robots header tags, and enable it by choosing ‘yes’. Check the boxes as shown in the screenshot below, and click ‘Save changes’ button to save.
However, regard to robots.txt, it will depend on your wish whether to show certain pages in the search engine or not. If you want to show all your pages and posts, and you have nothing to hide, just follow the above steps.

So, the above points are just the beginning of the work to blogspot SEO guide for beginners.

Now, let's head on to Google Search Console —

Adding Site To Google Search Console For SEO

To work with Search Console, first of all we need to add our blog to the Search Console and verify it. To do that we need to follow the certain points –

To proceed, click Settings on your blog dashboard, go to Search Preferences and then click ‘edit’ link of the Google Search Console. You will be taken to the next tab, to Google Search Console. Our next work starts from here.

Look at the screenshot of the test site for tutorial I have added to Google Search Console. If you are new to it, there won't be anything here. At this point, what you have to do is, add your blog/website by clicking the ‘Add Property’ red rectangular button.

Now, follow the below steps –
  1. After clicking the Add Property button, a small pop-up will appear where you would be asked to enter your blog/website domain. Now, enter your domain and then click the ‘Add’ button. See the screenshot –

  2. Here, you would be asked to verify your ownership of the site/blog. Now, download the HTML file by clicking the link of step 1.
  3. Copy the downloaded file and upload to your website/blog.
  4. To confirm the successful upload, click the link of step 3. If it is confirmed, after you click the link, you will land on your blog/site.
  5. Now, tick the reCAPCHA and then click verify button.
  6. If it is verified, you will see your blog/website listed on Console page. See the screenshot below – 
    Finally, you have added your blog to Google Search Engine.

    Working With Google Search Console For SEO

    •  Click the link of you blog/website to land on your Search Console dashboard. Your dashboard will be in the form of the below screenshot:

      Submit sitemap, beginners blogspot SEO guide

    • Click the Sitemaps to add your blog Sitemaps. Here, you won't see anything if you haven't add. Now, click the ‘ADD/DELETE SITEMAPS’ red button that is on the top right.
    • A small windows with your blog name and text input box will appear. Type sitemap.xml in the text input box and click ‘Test’ button, and then view the result. See the screenshot below – 
    • If there isn't any error, click the ‘ADD/DELETE SITEMAPS’ button once again and repeat the same process. This time click the ‘Submit’ button. However, it will take a few days for Google to start crawling and indexing. But don't worry, it will start appearing in the Google search engine.

    Fetch As Google For SEO

    This is another tool which is very important for every site or blog. It is a tool to test whether a blog or website is search engine friendly or not. In this guide we shall learn how to work with Fetch as Google step by step. But before we proceed make sure your are on Google Search Console dashboard.

    Blogspot beginners SEO guide

    • Click ‘Crawl’ menu which is counted third from the last, or is between Google Index and Security Issues. Once you click, a drop-down menu will appear.
    • Click ‘Fetch as Google’. After you click, a page in the format of the above picture will appear.
    • To fetch and render the home page, leave the box blank as it is, and then click ‘Fetch and Render’ button and wait for a minute or two. Once it finish rendering, you will see if it's complete or partial. Complete means everything is fine and Google is ready to index your page. In the meantime, partial would means that there is something that Google couldn't crawl. That might be because of ads links, some no follow links, or any other reason. However, don't worry for that. Just think as fine for now. See the screenshot below. The below screenshot appear as partial because I created it just for tutorial, and it doesn't contain anything.
      Blogspot beginners SEO guide
    • Click on the ‘Request Indexing’ next to the Partial text.
    • Tick the recaptcha, choose any of the two options, i.e., ‘Crawl only this URL or, Crawl this URL and its direct links, and then click ‘Go’ button. You are done.
    • Now, wait for one or two minutes. And then search your page in the search engine and find out on which search engine page your site is ranked.
    I hope this blogger blogspot beginners SEO guide is helping you. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave comments or, write to us using the contact us form on the footer of the page.

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