How To Interlink All Posts And Pages Of A blog

Building link to all pages and posts is very important for a blog because it is a tool that generates more traffic to a blog, rank higher in search engine, and so on.

Building link, how to interlink all posts and pages of a blog

These days, I visited so many blogs to see how they are doing with their blog by visiting to other professional blog comments, and one of my findings is that most of them failed to interlink their blog posts to another older posts.
So, this article is going to teach us how to link newer posts with related older posts.

How to interlink?

  • Visit or view one of your post.
  • Copy the URL of the post from the browser search bar.
  • Now, go to the relevant post that you want to link the post with.
  • Select the text that you want link to the post.
  • After selecting, click the link button at the tool bar located at the top, it will be near by the add photo button. When you click the link button, a pop-up windows will be shown where you will find a place to paste the link.
  • Now past the URL you have copied.
  • Now click Add button.
  • Update or publish the post.
That's all. You are done. To test, view your post and click at the linked text. The link will take you to that post you have linked.

To make it more clear, look at this article from top to bottom, you will find some of the text that are red in colour. All these red coloured sentences are linked to other related posts. Another example – How to drive huge traffic to a blog. Now, if you click the above red sentence, it will take you to another blog post called how to drive huge traffic to a blog.

Also, if you scroll down to the end of this article, you will see lists of suggested reading with bullet points. All of them are interlinked to other related posts of my blogs.

This is how posts and pages are interlinked to one another. However, what we should keep in mind while interlinking posts and pages is, we should never interlink posts and pages that are not related to each other. Again, don't link them too many. Three to five links per page is good and smart to see. To better understand which and what to interlink, you can visit some of my posts and check them out how I did and how the linked posts are related to each other.

Let's sum up —

Importance of interlinking posts and pages of a blog —

  1. Help pages rank higher in search engine.
  2. Increase pages or site visitors.
  3. Make easier for search engine to crawl and index pages.
  4. Giving chances for visitors to stay longer on site.
  5. Make easier for visitors to navigate pages which thus boost page views.
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A blog without building link to other pages and posts is like ignoring SEO. So, if you haven't linked them out, take time to work with it.

I hope this article helps you out at least in some ways. If you find it is helpful, please leave a comment below.

Feedback are most welcomed. Please feel free to write to us.

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