Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers In 2018

What could be the best Ad Networks for new bloggers in 2018?

You might be coming across many results after searching about which ad networks would be the best for your blog and make money with them, right? If so, what do you think, would be the best for you?

You might have heard about, ShareASale, Revcontent, Exponential, and Criteo. They are unbelievably popular when we talk about ad networks and are the best of all other ad networks across the globe. But the problem for most newbie bloggers is they are so difficult to get approved.

So, here, I would like to point out the best ad networks that would be very good for small publishers.

Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

1. Chitika

Chitika is another Adsense alternative ad network, launched in 2003, in Massachusetts, United States. Chitika has either CPC or CPM networks for blogs or websites monetization. It works well with Google Adsense as well.

Unlike other ad networks like ShareASale, Chitika does not have minimum traffic requirement for approval. The signup process is really easy and it takes only around 3 minutes.

However, your blog will be rejected in case the niche of your blog is about alcohol and drugs, and other related items, weaponry, sexual orientation.

Join Chitika from here.

2. Infolinks

If you are a person who is really interested in blogging, you might be very familiar with what is Infolinks, because it is the best Adsense alternative for blog monetization. Getting approval for Adsense is really hard for newbies as Adsense has various rules, restrictions, terms, and policies for site approval. In case you aren't approved yet by Adsense or is rejected, Infolinks is the best for you because it doesn't have as many restrictions as Adsense.

One thing I really like about Infolinks is its unique styles of monetization, which is called In-Text ad. If you look around this article you would see some red coloured text with double underlined. They are a good example of In-Text ads. When you hover around those texts with your cursor, you would see pop-ups on them. These are one of the unique styles of their monetization for publishers like us.

Like Chitika, Infolinks also has CPC as well as CPM networks for monetization.

Join infolinks from here.


3. Commission Junction (

Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate networks when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is founded in Santa Barbara, California in the year 1998.

The signup process for Commission Junction ( is straightforward and easy. The only thing you need to have is a blog or website for advertisers. After you have signed up, you will see many advertisers' ads which you can join and promote in your blog. But, before you can promote any ads, you need to join them first and you will receive messages whether the advertisers approve you or reject you. If you are approved, your work is to start promoting and earn incomes through them. But, if you are rejected by the advertisers you join, don't waste your time on them, go ahead to other advertisers' ads to join.

Sign up Click here

4. Ads Terra

Ads Terra was founded in Scotland in 2013 and now it has quickly expanded worldwide. At present, it is working with 190 different countries for publisher and advertiser.

Ads Terra is a CPM, CPA and CPC ads networks and mainly specialize in Pop-Under Ads type.

Ads Terra has minimum requirements for blog/site monetization approval. They are – every site or blog must have at least 5000 impressions per months to qualify for pop-under ads, and at least 50,000 impressions per months for banner ads. No illegal or adult site is allowed in Ads Terra.

So, if your blogs or sites have the above amount of impressions, then Ads Terra would be yours for your blog monetization.

5. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the best ad networks I too have been using so far. It is started in 2008 and is an Israel based ad network. It provides CPM, CPL and CPA ads for publishers.

The signing up process is easy and immediate. Just fill out all necessary details and hit Register, and confirm through your mail. That's all.

Join RevenueHits? Click here.

6. Peerfly

Peerfly, with no doubt, is the largest CPA network. If you have been looking for affiliate marketing with CPA networks, Peerfly is the best ad network for you.

However, joining Peerfly would be a bit difficult if you are new to affiliate marketing. When you are signing up for it, you would be asked about your experiences about affiliate marketing, and how you would be promoting Peerfly offers if you are approved. So, a wise and accurate answer would be needed while applying for it.

Peerfly has a very good range of offers for different countries you could promote from your blog.

One thing which I really like Peerfly is, they are easy to communicate with their teams in case we have any difficulties in promoting their offers. They are reachable anytime with their provided mail and resolve problems.

Join Peerfly from here.

7. PopAds

PopAds, the last, but not the least is another great CPM ad network based on pop-under and pop-up ads, started in 2010, in Costa Rica. It has its office at Poland and United States.

Signing up to PopAds takes just two minutes or less. As per my experience, PopAds is just so good and great. Though it doesn't provide detailed information about earnings, it automatically updates on the dashboard after every 12 hours, which really excites me.

Join PopAds from here.

Apart from the above ten ad networks, there are also many other to be pointed out. But as per my experience, there are no other ad networks that are better than what I have pointed out above.

My advice to you is just to try joining all the above best ad networks I have listed out. Depending on your blog appearance, navigation, traffic, structures, and niche, and their terms and policies, you might get approved by all.

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