Dearest readers,

This is me, B Pily, the founder of All Affiliate Site.

First of all I would like to give you a heartful thanks for taking your precious time to visit my blog.

I started blogging in 2006, when I was just a college student. But, lately after 12 years of reading many other blogs that I began to have a real passion for blogging. I bought this domain from Blogger (blogspot.com) on April 9, 2018, by borrowing ₹860 from my niece, who was a nursing student in Bangalore. It is the great passion and willingness to help others within me that compelled me to start my career as blogger. Thus, allaffs.com, known by the name All Affiliate Site is born.

All Affiliate Site is a blog that teaches its readers about how to start a blog (blogging tutorial for newbies), what a blog can do to help others, benefits of blogging, how to earn incomes from blog, and so on. The blog is broadly categorized into two main topics. They are – Let us learn English and Make Money Online.

Let us learn English

This category is included because being blogger, knowledge of English is so important. In this blog, you will learn Some Important Basic of English Grammar, Syntax and different Parts of Speech with their rules that would be useful in your blogging career.

Make Money Online

Here you will learn all of the blogging tutorial from scratch to pro, mainly about Blogger Blogspot and Wordpress tutorials, Affiliate Marketing for blog monetization, and many other useful topics.

Apart from these two another Shop Online menu is added previously where amazon best collections and offers are added for shoppers. When you click the menu button, the link will take you to AZ Shoppers site, a sub-domain called azshoppers.allaffs.com. Here, you will find best Amazon Deals, best sellers and best discounts of all time. All the products you would find here are all carefully checked by studying reviews made by others based on experiences. So, if you find anything that you want from AZ Shoppers and click at the link and buy products, I will earn some commision from Amazon which is going to really help me in running and developing this blog better. In the meantime, I guarantee you that you will do no mistakes in buying products from here because all the products that are added to the site are carefully selected based on customers reviews.

Blogging needs passion. Without passion, it is easy to give up. It is due to lack of passion that many bloggers had left their blogging careers. In the meantime, blogging takes time. Thus, hardwork and perseverance is a must for bloggers. Without willingness and passion, it won't last long. How happy am I when I publish blog posts and found that thousands of people began reading and getting benefited from the posts! My aim as a career in blogging is, every post I publish must be useful and beneficial for others.

Finally, I really thank you for visiting my blog and taking your precious time on it. A blog without visitors is just a dead blog. But as you have been here, you are giving life to the blog as well as me. In the mean time, if you have any advice for me and any feedback that you like to give me, I would be very happy to receive them. Please feel free to contact us at anytime using the Contact Us form at the footer of the blog, or you can reach out at contact-us@allaffs.com

Thank you once again.

B Pily
All Affiliate Site

Motto:– Try Hardest and succeed Greatest.

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