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Affilorama Review 2018

Affilorama By Mark Ling

Mark Ling

Who is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is an internet millionaire, an entrepreneur by passion and the founder of Affilorama.

Affilorama Review

Affilorama Review 2018

Affilorama is founded in the year 2005 by Mark Ling. It is an affiliate marketing course that teaches bloggers the process of affiliate marketing and the course is offered to everyone after they become members. The course contains –
  • Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide
  • Downloadable Roadmap To Success and
  • 120 Video Lessons

Apart from the free membership course, it also provide advanced affiliate training and tools. They are —
  • AffiloBlueprint
  • AffiloTools and
  • AffiloJetpack

Is Affilorama a Scam?

My answer is a Big ‘NO’
Affilorama is one of the most useful online course that you will find anywhere else. And to further proof –  a site with 674,771 members (including me), 27,030 facebook fans and 10,956 twitter followers can't be a scam site.

Should You Join Affilorama?

Frankly, my answer is ‘Yes’.


It is a free online affiliate marketing training course that you will get with free of cost. Members pay only when they are subscribed to premium course. A free course is also worth joining for newbie bloggers.

Free members get approximately 20 hours of video training, written materials and even interviews with other successful online marketers. A free course covers —

  • Essential Resources Every New Affiliate Marketers Needs
  • Market research for affiliate marketers
  • Content Creation
  • Site building
  • Marketing ideas
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Outsourcing and more...
Each point has many things to learn. If you are a new blogger, I highly recommend you to join.

Start joining Affilorama? Click the link below —

Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers In 2018

What could be the best Ad Networks for new bloggers in 2018?

You might be coming across many results after searching about which ad networks would be the best for your blog and make money with them, right? If so, what do you think, would be the best for you?

You might have heard about, ShareASale, Revcontent, Exponential, and Criteo. They are unbelievably popular when we talk about ad networks and are the best of all other ad networks across the globe. But the problem for most newbie bloggers is they are so difficult to get approved.

So, here, I would like to point out the best ad networks that would be very good for small publishers.

Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

1. Chitika

Chitika is another Adsense alternative ad network, launched in 2003, in Massachusetts, United States. Chitika has either CPC or CPM networks for blogs or websites monetization. It works well with Google Adsense as well.

Unlike other ad networks like ShareASale, Chitika does not have minimum traffic requirement for approval. The signup process is really easy and it takes only around 3 minutes.

However, your blog will be rejected in case the niche of your blog is about alcohol and drugs, and other related items, weaponry, sexual orientation.

Join Chitika from here.

2. Infolinks

If you are a person who is really interested in blogging, you might be very familiar with what is Infolinks, because it is the best Adsense alternative for blog monetization. Getting approval for Adsense is really hard for newbies as Adsense has various rules, restrictions, terms, and policies for site approval. In case you aren't approved yet by Adsense or is rejected, Infolinks is the best for you because it doesn't have as many restrictions as Adsense.

One thing I really like about Infolinks is its unique styles of monetization, which is called In-Text ad. If you look around this article you would see some red coloured text with double underlined. They are a good example of In-Text ads. When you hover around those texts with your cursor, you would see pop-ups on them. These are one of the unique styles of their monetization for publishers like us.

Like Chitika, Infolinks also has CPC as well as CPM networks for monetization.

Join infolinks from here.


3. Commission Junction (

Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate networks when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is founded in Santa Barbara, California in the year 1998.

The signup process for Commission Junction ( is straightforward and easy. The only thing you need to have is a blog or website for advertisers. After you have signed up, you will see many advertisers' ads which you can join and promote in your blog. But, before you can promote any ads, you need to join them first and you will receive messages whether the advertisers approve you or reject you. If you are approved, your work is to start promoting and earn incomes through them. But, if you are rejected by the advertisers you join, don't waste your time on them, go ahead to other advertisers' ads to join.

Sign up Click here

4. Ads Terra

Ads Terra was founded in Scotland in 2013 and now it has quickly expanded worldwide. At present, it is working with 190 different countries for publisher and advertiser.

Ads Terra is a CPM, CPA and CPC ads networks and mainly specialize in Pop-Under Ads type.

Ads Terra has minimum requirements for blog/site monetization approval. They are – every site or blog must have at least 5000 impressions per months to qualify for pop-under ads, and at least 50,000 impressions per months for banner ads. No illegal or adult site is allowed in Ads Terra.

So, if your blogs or sites have the above amount of impressions, then Ads Terra would be yours for your blog monetization.

5. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the best ad networks I too have been using so far. It is started in 2008 and is an Israel based ad network. It provides CPM, CPL and CPA ads for publishers.

The signing up process is easy and immediate. Just fill out all necessary details and hit Register, and confirm through your mail. That's all.

Join RevenueHits? Click here.

6. Peerfly

Peerfly, with no doubt, is the largest CPA network. If you have been looking for affiliate marketing with CPA networks, Peerfly is the best ad network for you.

However, joining Peerfly would be a bit difficult if you are new to affiliate marketing. When you are signing up for it, you would be asked about your experiences about affiliate marketing, and how you would be promoting Peerfly offers if you are approved. So, a wise and accurate answer would be needed while applying for it.

Peerfly has a very good range of offers for different countries you could promote from your blog.

One thing which I really like Peerfly is, they are easy to communicate with their teams in case we have any difficulties in promoting their offers. They are reachable anytime with their provided mail and resolve problems.

Join Peerfly from here.

7. PopAds

PopAds, the last, but not the least is another great CPM ad network based on pop-under and pop-up ads, started in 2010, in Costa Rica. It has its office at Poland and United States.

Signing up to PopAds takes just two minutes or less. As per my experience, PopAds is just so good and great. Though it doesn't provide detailed information about earnings, it automatically updates on the dashboard after every 12 hours, which really excites me.

Join PopAds from here.

Apart from the above ten ad networks, there are also many other to be pointed out. But as per my experience, there are no other ad networks that are better than what I have pointed out above.

My advice to you is just to try joining all the above best ad networks I have listed out. Depending on your blog appearance, navigation, traffic, structures, and niche, and their terms and policies, you might get approved by all.

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    Differences Between Amazon Store, Amazon Associates Central And Amazon Sitestripe

    I hope you have read my previous post of how to make money with Amazon affiliate program. As Amazon is so vast in its network, and has been one of the largest online e-commerce site, it is worth learning.

    For your knowledge —

    • Amazon site owner and CEO, Jeffrey Preston Bezos, has been announced as the richest man on earth. He has surpassed Bill Gates in July 2017.

    If you are a person who really wants to make money online with affiliate marketing, you must know that Amazon is the easiest way where you could make even six figures every month from it. But for that, you need to know its basic functions so that things become easier for you.

    Here, I would like to make you familiar with what are the differences between Amazon Store, Amazon Sitestripe and Amazon Associate Central. For better understanding, let me explain as simple and clear as possible point by point and screenshots of their pictures –

    Amazon Store

    Amazon Store is the shopping page of Amazon where online shoppers visit and buy products that they want. It is known by website for U.S.A, for United Kingdom, for India, and so on. Domain extensions are different with different countries.
    See the screenshot of the header of Amazon Shopping page.
    Screenshot of

    Amazon Associates Central

    Amazon Associates Central is an affiliate marketing program where bloggers and website owners sell Amazon products on their blogs and websites with their unique affiliate links from Amazon provided to them. When visitors from their blogs or websites click the links, they are referred to Amazon store. If visitors buy products of Amazon store referred from those blogs or websites, the blogs or websites owners earn commission from those products sold. The web address is or, .com or,, etc.
    See the screenshot of the header of Amazon Associates Central below –
    Screenshot of Amazon Associates

    Amazon Sitestripe

    Members of every Amazon Associates Central can have amazon sitestripe. The only thing they need to do is just to enable the sitestripe from their Amazon affiliate sites. It is important to know because it makes much easier for affiliate members in browsing and promoting products.
    See the screenshot of Amazon Sitestripe header below –
    Screenshot of Amazon Sitestripe


    Amazon Store is a page where visitors buy products online and get delivered to their mailing address. Whereas, Amazon Associates Central is an affiliate marketing program where website owners and bloggers get links of products they want to sell on their websites or blogs to earn commission.

    I hope this article helps you. If you have any feedback and wants to expand, please feel free to add a comment.

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    Tips And Tricks For Newbies To Avoid From Being Disqualified From Amazon Affiliate

    I have written a post on How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program previously. I wrote this post again as it is very important for newbie Amazon Affiliates as they can be disqualified from the affiliate program for not being able to sell.

    For every new Amazon Affiliate, it is very important to know that they can be disqualified from Amazon affiliates if he is unable to sell any products within 90 days from the date of registration as affiliate. Yes, for someone who is new to affiliate marketing could be difficult for him to sell products within a couple of months due to many other reasons. Below is a short story of what I did to avoid myself from being disqualified from Amazon affiliate member.

    Learn from my experience

    This might be somewhat funny for others, but I have to do as I was unable to sell and I was to get disqualified from it.

    It's been 70 days since I join Amazon Affiliate and only one month left for me to sell. One day, while I was having a good time with my sister at home and we were discussing things with many topics. By the time, I asked her what thing she wished to have but couldn't find in the local market. She replied to me that she wanted to buy an Android phone, and she wasn't able to find it in the local market by that time as android phone was just launched some couple of months ago.

    While we were chit-chatting about it, I was on my laptop, in Amazon Associates. By the time, I was browsing and finally landed on and found HTC android device. I show her quickly and she was really impressed. I explained to her how she could buy from Amazon and got sent to her address within seven days.

    On the next day evening she told me that she wanted to buy. So, my luck came. I guide her throughout the process using her computer, and that evening she even bought other products like earphones and others using my affiliate links.

    By that time, as I was new to affiliate marketing and blogging, and had been just started learning, I was unable to sell any products for two months. But as I got experienced day by day, I started selling many products.

    One product from Amazon which I sold most is Anti Snoring Device.
    Anti snoring device from amazon store
    Anti Snoring Device

    It isn't costly, but the demand was really high which makes me earn more than I expect. What I want to say is, apart from pestering your sisters, brothers, parents, and other relatives, try products selling which are simple and cheap but with high demand and in the market.

    For best result in affiliate marketing, do marketing research first, then start promoting products which you found out to be good to promote, and that should be reachable to the right persons and audience. This will greatly help you and promote you as an affiliate marketer.

    Lastly, hard work and perseverance is the main key to success in your career. So, work a bit harder and be smart at what you promote. Success will follow you behind.

    If you find this article helpful, please leave a comment below.

    Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Programs

    What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

    Amazon Affiliate Program, with no doubt, could be said as the best and the easiest of the affiliate networks could be found in the internet, where every persson, whether new or old marketers could join easily. In the meantime, Amazon is one of the most prominent and the largest online shopping website in the present century.

    Amazon Affiliate Program, with no doubt, could be said as the best and the easiest of the affiliate networks we find on the Internet, where every person, whether new or old marketers could join easily. In the meantime, Amazon is one of the most prominent and the largest online shopping website in the present century. Almost everything that you want to buy online could be found in Amazon, from needles and pins to heavy machinery and cars, or even larger than that too.

    Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeffrey Preston Bezos (also known as Jeff Bezos), an American technology entrepreneur, an investor and philanthropist. Oh, no, I've gone too far! As it's not a story site, let's end up here about Bezos and others.

    Our main point would be How could we too make money using this great online shopping site? Almost everyone knows what Amazon really is. But when it comes to making money, rather than shopping online, most people aren't aware that there has been a possibility of making money from Amazon. Here, I'm going to explain point by point for better understanding.

    How To Join Amazon Associates Program

    The good news is that when you join Amazon Associate Program you are going to be an Amazon affiliate marketer. This means, you are going to be able to sale what ever you find and like or your favourite products on amazon Shopping site with a just an amazon affiliate links. Is that easy? Yes, it is really easy to become Amazon Affiliate Marketer.
    Now, the question may arise ‘How to join?’ To join Amazon Associates, follow the following steps below —

    1. Type or .in (if you are Indian) on your browser search bar.
    2. You will be landing on the home page the site. Now, scroll down the page to the footer. On the footer menu you can see ‘Become an affiliate’ at the Make money with us section. Now, click the ‘Become an affiliate’ link. See the screenshot below – footer page
    3. Click the ‘Join now for free’ button on the top right corner of the page. See the screenshot
      Join now for free
    4. Fill up your name, gmail address and password, and then click the button.
    5. Fill up all the details in the provided fields, your name, address and so on.
    6. Enter your website domain name and mobile apps (if you have. If you don't have mobile apps leave it blank). Here, if you don't have website or blog, you need to create at least one. You can create one with blogger blogspot for free. Learn how to create a free blog using  blogger blogspot. Then click ‘Next’ at the left down corner of the page.
    7. Here, you will be asked to fill your profile. Fill up all the requirements, and then click ‘Next’ again.
    8. Now, you are set up. You can start making money with Amazon Associates and earn incomes.
    After you have signed up with Amazon Associates, the good thing about it is that apart from your blog or websites, you can even sell products you want with your affiliate links on many social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and earn commission from them.

    Below are the Commission structures in percentage you would earn by promoting products from Amazon —

    For (India)
    Amazon Affiliate Program, with no doubt, could be said as the best and the easiest of the affiliate networks could be found in the internet, where every persson, whether new or old marketers could join easily. In the meantime, Amazon is one of the most prominent and the largest online shopping website in the present century.

    For (U.S.A)
    Amazon Affiliate Program, with no doubt, could be said as the best and the easiest of the affiliate networks could be found in the internet, where every persson, whether new or old marketers could join easily. In the meantime, Amazon is one of the most prominent and the largest online shopping website in the present century.

    The above table means, for instance, if a person sells an Android phone which cost 10000INR whose advertising rate is 2.5%, that means he earns 250INRas a commission.

    One very important thing to keep in mind for Amazon Affiliates are they need to sell at least one product using their affiliate links within 90 days from the date of registration as affiliate member. Failure of which, are disqualified from Amazon affiliate. So, in order to avoid this, I have also written a post on tips and tricks to avoid from being disqualified from Amazon Affiliate Program. It would be useful if you are new to Amazon Affiliate Program. You can go through it.

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    Best Affiliate Marketing E-books For Beginners

    This article is going to give information to new affiliate marketers who have been striving hard to get resources. The material I want to share here is the best affiliate marketing e-books that I too have been using them.

    In my first day of learning affiliate marketing, I had been struggling really hard about how to start, what to promote which e-book should I read, where could I get that e-book, which e-book would be the best for my tutor, and so on. I have been browsing tap by tap, searching for good materials.

    Best Affiliate marketing e-books, all affiliate site, allaffs

    However, day by day I began to master step by step after much hard work. Now I have been able to promote and share you everything that I want and I thought you all my readers could have some benefits. I just used to think that I have become one of the many helpful people in the world regarding affiliate marketings and the process of making money online especially by blogging or websites.

    So, here I would like to expose in front of you the books that I had read and have been reading till today as a quick guide in my blogging career.

    Many E-books could be found on many websites all around internet, but most of them would just confuse me and waste my money as I was not a person with tech-savvy. Likewise, as a newbie blogger, we all get confused which to choose and from where we could get, which book should be the most useful and helpful for us, and so on. In regard to this, my advice to you is don't simply buy any books or e-books from any websites. I tell you this because I have experienced much.

    In case you want to become a successful blogger and earn incomes through it, I highly recommend you to read these e-books.

    Related Searches:

    What you will learn from these books –

    How to make money Blogging : How I replaced my day job with blogging

    This e-book is written mainly for newbie bloggers or who want to get started blogging as a career and for those bloggers who haven't earn from blogging.

    Some of the topic covered in this book are:
    1. 4 steps to start blogging in 10 minutes.
    2. Blogging basic
    3. How to setup a self hosted blog
    4. The importance of a customizable wordpresstheme
    5. 3 primary ways to earn from a blog
    6. How long does it take to make money from a blog
    7. How to get traffic to a blog
    8. SEO tips for bloggers
    9. How to increase adsense earning in less than 3 months
    10. 10 helpful tools that made it all possible.

    Turn your Computer into Money Machine

    This book deals with the easiest ways to make money online from home and from anywhere in the world from scratch. No matter where you are, where you work and what you did. It doesn't need any extra times to work with it. Just follow the techniques it teaches you and start earning after a week.

    The one hour content plan

    From this book you will learn:
    1. Three core ways to instantly generate content ideas.
    2. 5 types of content that will inch your subscribers to becoming buyers and sell your products and services with ease.
    3. The fastest way to determine your brand voice.
    4. 8 must-not neglect elements that either make or break your blog posts and how to optimize them.

    The good things about this books are they are available on Amazon Kindle. What you have to do is to sign up for Amazon Kindle, subscribe the books and start reading. The subscription is a free trial for some days. You don't have to pay for the books' cost but you will be charged some amount of cash for subscription and that too you can pay monthly. And also, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. If you want to become a blogger and you need tutors, I recommend you these e-books. Don't go for other books as they would only cost you much, in the meantime, most of the books will only confuse you if you are not a tech-savvy like me.

    Also read - 9 Smart Ways To Make Money Online

    9 Smart Ways To Make Money Online Blogging

    9 smart ways to make money online, affiliate marketing, affiliate program, all affiliate site

    Do you ever search in your browser typing keywords make money online? If your answer is Yes, I'm sure search engine is showing you thousands of results, because it really is possible to make money online.

    Many people have been making tones of money online by blogging, affiliate marketing, online surveys, creating online stores, and so on. In the meantime, there are many others too who have been trying but haven't made any money yet.

    Money could be made online as I have said above, but you won't really make if not worked hard. Many bloggers have posted out many possible ways of making money online in such a way that every visitors started blogging to make money too. But the results are, out of every thousand visitors, only one or two are successful. Why only that? It really is worth doing research.

    Here, in this post I would like to mention in points how money could be made online in a legitimate ways.

    Make money online blogging

    9 Smart Ways To Make Money Online

    #1. Make Money Online By Creating Blogs

    The first and the foremost step and the easiest way to make money online is by creating blogs. But the problem with most of us are how to create a blog and where to create, and how and where to start.

    If you have any trouble regard to creating a blog I would highly recommend you to go through How to Start a Wordpress Blog With Bluehost. I have written down step by step so that newbie bloggers could go easily. Creating a blog isn't difficult at all. But, do you aware of what blogging really is? If it's the first time you heard what blogging is read blog meaning and benefits of creating a blog. After going through the article you can easily start one using wordpress. I choose wordpress because it is easy to use, user-friendly and looks professional. and also you don't need any special technical skills and codings like HTML, Javascript, etc. What you would need is just useful and unique contents for your blog.

    #2. Start Creating Useful Contents

    Make money online blogging
    A blog is not a blog without contents. So, once you have set up your blog, what you need to do is to pay attention on creating useful contents. What you choose to create will depend on the topic that you choose to write about. Try to create contents that you are interested in. For instance, you might be interested in story telling or may be carpentry. What you need to do is transform your experiences, skills and interests into contents that could be benefited by many others.

    There are many people who have great skills and talents but faced problems when it comes into transforming into words. May be due to lack of skills in writing. Yes, the same thing happens to me too. But, what we need is practice and practice. Don't worry about your English though you are not a native English speaker. Internet is now, full of tools that can help you if used in effective ways.

    #3. Sign up for Affiliate Networks

    If you have a blog, then affiliate marketing is  great way to make money with your blog. There are many Affiliate networking sites on the internet today. But it is not safe to join them all. Some are scams while others are legitimate sites. Here are some of the most legitimate sites I recommended you to join. You can directly click at the link I have provided below and join them for free.
    Sign up with the above as publisher and after you are approved, you can start referring your visitors. Or, the other way is paste their banners or links on your blog posts and start earning from your blog. Is that easy?

    Apart from these, there are many other legitimate affiliate marketing sites out there. The easiest way to search affiliate sites is - type the name of the site you know in your browser and then add affiliate (e.g., allaffs affiliate) and then press Enter. If the site has an affiliate network, the search engine will show you.

    #4. Content Marketing Tool for Your Business

    It is also possible to sell physical as well as digital products on your blog to make money. Instead of thinking of it as making money from your blog, however, think of your blog as a content marketing tool that will drive visitors to your business website.
    You can also write an e-book consisting of around 15 - 50 pages about your interest and sell them in your blog.

    #5. Make Money Online Doing Online surveys

    An increasingly popular way to make money online is to fill out online surveys in their spare time. Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products.
    For a few minutes of form filling, you can make a some amount of dollars which are normally paid as cash or rewards. You can get up to £3 ($5) for some surveys!
    A few good ones to try are: Toluna and Vivatic

    #6. Make Money Online Doing Freelance work

    If you are good at writing, working with Facebook pages or doing graphic design in your spare time, there are so many freelance jobs available for you which requires simple skills or just your time.

    The best place to start with is Fiverr.

    You can also sign up/join for Fiverr affiliate program to earn income from the commission after sign up.

    #7. Make Money Online Creating YouTube Videos

    One of the easiest ways to make money online is by working with Youtube channel. Every people those who have a smartphone or at least youtube compatible mobile phone would not stay without Youtube in this century. The thing you need to do are -

    Sign in to youtube
    If you are done with all these, You can start monetizing with Adsense. You will start to receive from Adsense a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views. It is also called Pay Per Click (PPC).

    However, the problem nowadays is that Youtube has changed the eligibility criteria for every Youtubers, and that is - to be eligible for Youtube Partner Program, your Youtube channel need to have at least 10,000 views and some amount of subscribers.

    #8. Make Money Online Micro-working

    If you are a kind of person who wants simple ways to earn money online & not more than $200-$300 per month then you can become a micro worker.

    Here you can work on a variety of different tasks like identifying an object, rating & commenting on different sites, visiting some websites, finding contact details, doing a small research, writing small articles etc.

    There are many websites like MicroWorkerSEOClerkClickWorkerGigWalk where you can work as a micro worker & earn extra income.

    #9. Make Money Online By Online Tutoring

    There are tones of opportunities available to tutor online in all different subjects. The pay varies depending on the site and subject matter, and some jobs require certain certifications or degrees. Here are a few tutoring sites to check out:

    StudyPool Minimum withdrawal is $50.
    CheggTutors: Pay starts at $20 an hour

    So, these are some of the smart ways you can start to make money online blogging. As I have said many times, making money online is not as easy as you might think. It needs much time and hard work.

    A passionate blogger never tried blogging for the sake of money but just because of his/her passion for helping others.

    Do you find this article helpful? If yes, please leave a comment and share this article.
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    Have a blog or website? Monetize them with Infolinks

      Tez - The New Digital Wallet By Google.

      The world is developing day by day because of the hard work of men like you and me. The most prominent problem that we face regarding fund transfers from one bank to another banks is now going to be in ease with the introduction of digital banking.
      All Affiliate Site
      Tez Screenshot
      Amongst many of the digital banking wallets that have been introduced, Tez seems to be quite different from other wallets like SBI Buddy, PayTM, Mpesa, Airtel Money, and so on. Because, though it is a digital wallet, unlike others i have mentioned above, it doesn't need to be transferred the money to wallet first (from bank account). After downloading, fill the required fields like your bank account, and that's all. It will link with your bank account automatically. What I mean to say is you don't need to work hard to get your bank account linked to it.

      Due to the introduction of digital banking, we can now easily transfer our moneys each other. Again, out of the many wallets, Tez wallet has made it more easier for us. It is based on a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform build by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). The UPI ID of the recipient is used as a proxy for the account number and IFSC code, thereby simplifying the process of money transfer.

      However, after downloading the app, before you register Tez with your phone number, we have to make sure that the phone number is that of which we registered in bank account. Otherwise, no money would be transferred. While registering with Tez app, a One Time Password (OTP) will be send to the mobile number by Google, and that will be to make sure that the phone number and bank account is linked.
      Learn to make money online with All Affiliate Site

      Want to download Tez App right now? Click Here

      Ones you have send your first payment, both of us will get Rs. 80 each. The same thing you should tell to your friends and referred to do to get another Rs. 80 offer. This is another difference to other digital wallets.

      This offer expires on 31 March, 2019.
      So hurry up, download quick to avail the offer many times.

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